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Pastor David Godfrey Abraham, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, is the President of The Holy Nation, a worldwide Apostolic and Prophetic Interdenominational Ministry, which has operations in several parts of Nigeria and effects in other parts of the world. The ministry headquarters are located in Abuja, Nigeria.

In 1999, Dr. David Abraham was called into ministry with a mandate from God

“I have called you up this hour to teach my chosen people my covenant, through the teaching and manifestation of the power and wisdom of God, for the dethronement of power of darkness, forceful liberation of captives and the establishment of a new order’’… With this word he started a church denomination, The Fellowcitizens Churches, in Edo State, Nigeria, that quickly became popular and became known as ‘Last bus stop’

In 2007, The Lord yet again committed him in another commission…

'Behold, I return to my church as a beautified and glorified nation! As you teach the power of THE MYSTERY OF CHRIST and the integrity of THE GOSPEL OF MY KINGDOM, I will raise my people and set them up in the heavenly places  where they will connect with my GRACE and my GLORY, that I may rule their world through them!’  …and on the strength of this, started a special non denominational work, The Holy Nation in Abuja.   

Heavily inspired and mentored by Dr David Oyedepo and several other Apostolic ministries, He is an extraordinary apostolic voice in Nigeria with the rare message of  the present day move of God, the Apostolic revival and the emergence of the Glorious Church through the Revelation of Jesus Christ, reaching many nations. Trained in the prestigious University of Benin, Nigeria, Dr Abraham combines scriptural insight with practical demonstration of the life of Christ and effective kingdom effects in the life of the nation.

Dr Abraham, a celebrated conference speaker in CHRISTHOOD, THE REFORMATION and THE PRESENT DAY MOVE OF GOD Conferences is on very high demand across nations of the world. His ministry is characterized by a strong apostolic and prophetic anointing and a strong manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit.


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