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Fasting Helps Us Hear from God

Fasting—emptying ourselves of food and filling ourselves with God—increases our spiritual capacity. As human beings, we are spirits, but we dwell in bodies that control us most of the time. When you fast, your spirit increases its control over your body. Fasting enables you to discipline your body to be a servant of the Lord rather than the master of your spirit. Your body submits to your spirit rather than pursuing its own impulses. Fasting does not change God; it changes us and transforms our prayers. Much power flows through fasting. Fasting enables us to better discern God’s voice to receive guidance, wisdom, instruction, and knowledge. When Moses went up on Mount Sinai, he was seeking God’s will for the Israelites. God took him on a forty-day fast and gave him a powerful revelation—the Law, with its Ten Commandments—which many nations have used as the foundation of their societies. Our penal codes are based on the Law that Moses received during his fast. That’s how powerful the fast was. When you fast, God will speak to you, giving you a revelation you couldn’t otherwise receive. During a fast, the time you would normally spend on meals should be spent in prayer and Bible study so you can hear what God wants to say. It’s amazing how many hours are spent on food each week. Planning meals, shopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning up are time-consuming. When you fast, use that time to seek God. He has always desired a close relationship with you, and fasting allows time for you to develop true intimacy with Him.

Prayer: Father, I desire to receive guidance, wisdom, instruction, and knowledge from You.

Increase my spiritual capacity to hear from You through prayer and fasting.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Thought: Fasting increases your spiritual capacity.

Reading: 2 Chronicles 23–24; John 15

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