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The mortal physical body of THE BELIEVER IN CHRIST is different from that of the unbeliever!

According to Lev 17.11,   “...the life of the flesh is in the blood...” This is for the Adamic and unregenerated man. The unbeliever’s life is supplied and sustained by  his BLOOD and in his BLOODline…  Oftentimes, you find some Ministers teaching and praying about Ancestral, family and bloodline curses so much, until they come into this understanding! The body of the unregenerated man naturally inherits sickness, curses, disease and death!


But, if you read in Rom 8.11, the story is completely different:

“And if the Spirit of Him who raised JesusJESUS the dead lives in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit, who lives in you.”


So the body of the believer in Christ is different! Hallelujah! The body of the believer is sustained and maintained by the Spirit of God! It receives life and vitality from the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead! Thats why your body is called the Temple of the Holy Spirit! (1 Cor 6:19) The Spirit dwells there, He lives there, He functions there!(2Cor 6:16) Amongst what the Spirit does for the believer is vitalising your mortal body, physically! You derive your life and body functioning from the Spirit and not your blood! The believer has nothing to do with inherited curses and inherited traits and bloodline casualties! No, no, no! Thats not your prayer point, thats not your realm, thats not your life! When you got born again, you were translated into another kingdom, the Kingdom of Jesus, and in this kingdom, people live by the Spirit! (Col. 1:13) In this realm sir, its the Spirit that functions, not your blood! Stop saying things, ‘you are son of the soil’… which soil? You were born from above, how can you say with unbelievers you are son of the soil? Stop emphasising your nativity and tribe so much, that you forget that you are born of the Spirit and you function by the Spirit and your body is maintained by the Spirit! The bible says, if you live by the flesh, you will die!(Rom 8:13) Rather, understand this and begin to draw life and vitality from the Spirit for the activity and health of your body organs, body tissues and body systems… Keeping drawing life into your body on a daily basis. Live daily with a Spirit consciousness, pray in the Spirit often, make declarations of who you are in Christ and let the Revelation of Christ create a new thinking for your life!


Now, hear this: The power of the Spirit is so strong that it was the same Spirit that woke up Jesus from the dead that resides in you!! There is no situation in your body right now worse than death, so there is no situation in your body and life that the Spirit cannot remedy! Therefore, I activate the ministry of the Spirit into your body right now… begin to declare that no infirmity or inherited curses shall have access to your life in Jesus name!!

You are full of life by the Spirit!! Be blessed and have a SpiritFull Life!!


Dr. David Abraham


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