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Africa, has a special role to play in the unfolding of God’s end time agenda of revival. In fact, there have been long standing prophecies concerning the global revival of the apostolic ministry in the last days in the continent of Africa, with Nigeria being in the lead.

For instance, in the early 1970s, an American female evangelist prophesied that Africa will be the arrowhead of the Gospel in the end time. Because of their respect for her owing to the accuracy of her prophecies, the whites became very nervous that they, and not the blacks, would have this divine honour of playing such a vital role in the last day revival.

About a decade earlier, specifically in the morning of July 25th, 1961 at Winnipeg, Canada, another revelation in this direction had been given to American preacher Tommy Hicks. Hicks, a major figure in the powerful 1954 Argentina Revival, had a relatively long revelation about the last days relating to the global revival of the apostolic. Here, God had revealed the role of Africa in the end time plan of God. Hicks mentioned that:

“…suddenly there was a man in Africa, and in a moment he was transported in the Spirit of God, and perhaps he was in Russia, or China, or America, or some other place…, I never saw a church, and I never saw or heard a denomination; but these people were going in the Name of the Lord of hosts. Hallelujah!…” Culled from C. & F. Hunter, ‘To Heal the Sick.’

HAVING IN Mind, Tommy hick’s Testimony in 1961, and to CONFIRM, that the Endtime Move of God has anchored in Africa… consider the following testimonies..

This Vision/Testimony was sent in by a Minister from Abuja, Nigeria…

“In 1982, my apostle, who went to be with the Lord in 2007, was given a revelation by God. In that revelation God showed him that there was going to be a third covenant, the first having taken place during the time of Abraham, and the second during the time of Noah. My apostle narrated the revelation to me, spelling out clearly what God had asked us both to do. I was to accompany him on the assignment to Rome. This third covenant would have to do with an end-time revival before the Second Coming of Christ. This revival would be a time when God will impart the local churches before Christ returns. God specifically made it clear that this revival will have its global epicenter in Nigeria, and then charged us to go see the Pope in Rome to deliver the message to him for onward delivery to the whole world. The charge from God also included us taking the message to Jerusalem and, on returning to Nigeria, to pass it to the then ten northern states of the country. “The same year, 1982, we left for Rome and on arrival, went right away to see the Pope. However, because of some protocol we couldn’t see him because we were told he was preparing to leave for a visit to Lisbon that day. We however, left a letter containing the message to be given to him on his return, but we never heard from him until his death. Whether or not the letter was given to him is what we couldn’t tell. “We then proceeded to Jerusalem where we were received warmly. The Lord had prepared men to cater for our well-being. The most interesting part of it all was that the people received the message with great interest and zealously identified with it. In fact, after our departure some of them wanted to come over to Nigeria but due to certain factors we couldn’t process their visit. Back home we embarked on the third stage of the journey, which, was to disseminate the message in the then ten northern states of Nigeria. Contrary to the reception we had experienced in Jerusalem, we were highly resented here at home because many people considered us a bunch of heretics who were out to propagate a strange doctrine. We did the best we could, talking with whoever cared to listen. After this, there was not much we could do. Our assignment, which was to deliver the message, was over, and God did not ask us to do more than this. Little did I know that 30 years later, specifically in July 2012, God was going to connect me with the reality of this third covenant and end time revival. This is how it happened: I was invited to a conference in Bwari, Abuja, where Dr. David Abraham was to speak. Somehow, and very unusual, I honoured the invitation.  When he began to speak something unusual happened. I felt flames of fire envelop me from my feet to up to my head and there and then the message of 1982 that we had gone to pass to the Pope, to the people in Jerusalem, and to the ten northern states in Nigeria came back to me in crystal reality. It was very clear that this was what God spoke about in 1982. Since that encounter I have come to understand that the third covenant God was talking about had to do with this revival spearheaded by The Holy Nation through Dr. Abraham. Ever since I joined this revival and move of God I have watched God reveal deeper things to me I cannot share here. …and this is just the beginning. I earnestly invite you to join this chariot!!”

This Vision/Testimony was sent in by a Minister from Makurdi, Nigeria…

In a very captivating revelation that sends shock waves down my spine each time I remember it, Dr Abraham came to us in a rather unusual moment. He did not come down but was suspended midway in the air. There was pandemonium everywhere and the shouts of “Rapture!” “Rapture!” filled the air. But instead of being worried, he was beckoning at people to come to him. I was yelling, telling him the rapture had taken place. He could hear me loud and clear, and so kept telling it was not the rapture, only the gathering together of God’s people before the rapture. Terrified and panting, I told him it was really the rapture that had taken place, pointing at the stampede that was going on around us. Few of us from the school (Christ Institute) were there. At this juncture he came much lower than he earlier was, but still his feet did not touch the ground. Then to prove the point to me, he asked me to draw closer. As I did, he asked me to open my mouth. I did and he insisted I opened it wider. He then lifted his thumb and touched my tongue. Immediately there was a drop of liquid on it. The honey-like sweetness of the liquid filled my mouth and then he asked me to go. I watched people still running up and down in fear and confusion but I was now calm. At this point that he told me to go, he also told me with calmness on his face that since that liquid had touched my tongue, the rapture could now take place. I left the place boldly and was now telling others to run towards him.

God is speaking unambiguously to all that would care to listen that the Holy Nation Apostolic Outreach, which is ushering God’s final revival on earth, starting from here in Nigeria, is being used by God to round up events that would prepare people and usher in the rapture. We must take God seriously this time around!!

This Vision/Testimony was sent in by a Minister from Ibadan, Nigeria…

In a vision in the night I saw a great command of army assembled in both vertical and horizontal line. The leader (in person of Dr. David G. Abraham)  was receiving order from a great commander whose image was invisible, though as invisible as He seems, His presence was felt and His Voice mighty  but could only be interpreted by the one standing (Dr. David).  As soon as he received the order, he carefully passes it to the other soldiers whose number was innumerable. In the hand of the invisible image was a pillar, on the top end of the pillar was the map of the world.. the globe rolling and  glittering on the spot showing each continent at a glance. Then the invisible great Commander-in-Chief was visible only to the receiver of His order,  who at the same time and equivalent speed gave the order to those Generals that were standing behind him. The number of those army generals were  about twenty four of different tribes but of the same height and were in uniform and unity. They transferred the order to those innumerable great army of different ranks. The faces of some soldiers were unveiled and as soon as I saw and recognized some of these men in uniform, the vision were taken up like a scroll, and all I could hear and fathom  were voices amidst a great light with dates  meant to be sealed. Amen.

In 1999, Dr. David Abraham was called into ministry with a mandate from God to “teach His people His covenant through the manifestation of His wisdom and power for the dethronement of powers of darkness, forceful liberation of captives and ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW ORDER.”

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