Posted by: admin888 Post Date: February 24, 2017

The Move of God

God has been busy building the church through all the past dynamic moves and experiences in the earth. We refer to this as the migration or journey of the church. Each new move brings with it new revelation and greater understanding of His ever revealing plan for the church. The key is never to become so accustomed to a particular move that we fail to move to the next level of our church experience. This journey of the church will end up at Zion (the perfected state of the church). The coming of the Lord will take place only when the church reached its ultimate destination.

The Present Day Move of God asserts that the end will only come when the corporate Son, the body of Jesus Christ, located in the earth has reached maturity or Son‐ship

A wind of change is therefore blowing in this season, bringing fresh insight into the mysteries and purposes of God to help us make the shift and to align us to heavenly patterns in building the house of God. Too much of the old stuff has ruined the church and the work of the ministry, because many have been ignorant of the new season and the new word that is being released in the earth today. It has always been the same old sugar-coated sermon dressed up in new fangled robes, yet still with the cry for “new things”. The message and ministry of the old order cannot produce the purposes of God for this new season, but the fact remains that we must recognize that which has been gained and accomplished in the old order and past move of God and move on to the ultimate goal of finishing the works of God in this new season. For this we need a clear revelation of the mysteries of God and His Kingdom purposes, as this is the only way we can build by heavenly pattern and establish the will of the Kingdom of God in the earth as it is in heaven.

This move is the move of the revelation of Jesus Christ…Christ is revealing Himself in His Church, so that the Church can express Christ in His fullness, so that His enemies on earth can fully surrender completely! In this move, we will see the restoration of the Acts model for the church. God is doing this to prepare the Bride of Christ to conclude the church age more gloriously than the first century saints brought in the church age .at Pentecost! The Body of Christ must ALSO necessarily become the Bride of Christ before He returns.



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