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You Have a Unique Vision

God created each person with a unique vision. No matter who you are or what country you live in, you have a personal purpose, for every human being is born with one. Every person is a leader in his or her own vision, because that person is the only one who can imagine, nurture, and fulfill it. God has tremendous plans for you that no one else can accomplish. The tragic thing is that many people live their whole lives without ever recognizing their visions.

What does it mean to capture the vision for your life? Ted Engstrom, the former president of World Vision, told a story that went something like this: A little girl was on a cruise ship, and she and her father were standing on the deck. It was a beautiful clear day, and the air was crisp and fresh. The little girl, standing on tiptoe, said to her father, “I can’t see anything.” The father picked her up and put her on his shoulders, so that she was higher than everyone else on the deck and was able to see everything around her. “Daddy!” she exclaimed. “I can see farther than my eyes can look!” That little girl’s statement captures the essence of vision: the ability to see farther than your physical eyes can look—to see not just what is, but also what can be, and to make it a reality.

The ability to see your vision has been given to you by the Father. Begin trusting Him to help you see it.

Prayer: Father, it is my desire to trust You today. Please allow me “to stand on Your shoulders” to see my vision. Through faith in You and Your Word,
I want to “see farther than my eyes can look.”
In Jesus’ name, amen.

Thought: Vision sets you free from the limitations of what the eye can see.

Reading: Job 30–31; Acts 13:26–52

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